Yamaha PW50

In entry level category the Yamaha PW50 is allowed to enter. These motorcycles are nimble and easy to handle due to their low building profile and cross construction. Their capacity of 2,5hp is well kept under control thank to an extremely forgiving automatic clutch. 60-65 km/h is the top speed with an engine that must comply to very strict technical rules. The drive shaft will never break down. Under usage, in an occasional fall typically small, quickly repairable/replaceable parts get damaged.

An excellent motor to acquire the basic skills from age 4 furthermore from 6 to gain first experience in racing. Those who may start with motorsports later, can even at age 9 comfortably ride on it or enter with good chances in a race.

Honda NSF100

The high-class motorcycle in advanced category. This 5-gear, 7hp Honda block is the epitome of reliability. The frame is simple but ingenious. From the age of 8, one can switch from PW50 to the coupling-drive, four-stroke engine equipped motor. Its 100cm³ block is well-behaving, and capable to 110-120 Km/h top speed. The power output is even in the entire range, the clutch is sensible and steady.

After multiple years of experience, we can say that this is the most ideal choice among the four-stroke, gear transmission motorcycles for children, to master gear-shifting and to get used to feel the speed and driving a sport motor. Following strict rules (that in fact just means keeping it in factory original state) it’s remarkably durable, indestructible. Its sport motor look is well proportioned, appealing and reflects a good character. As a result of equal power output, the kids can compete in truly enjoyable and spectacular races.


Tube framed, 250cm³, 5-gear, 22hp engine motors mean the third grade that is also a gateway to ‘big league’ motorcycling. The motor has adjustable suspension and thank to the 750mm seat elevation and 91kg weight, smaller 10-13 years old children can get easily acquainted with it.

Perfect for moving from smaller to big wheeled motors and to foray into ‘grown up’ racing tracks after the smaller ones respectively. It has a 170-180 km/h top speed that provides an enjoyable ride on bigger tracks. Kids get used to higher speeds and power quickly just like the wider road. Similarly to the previous categories, strict technical regulations guarantee equal competition conditions for the lovers of motorsport.