This leaflet contains information regarding the Central European Minibike CUP’s ((in the following: Data handler or Company ) practices of handling clients’ personal data.

Personal data is submitted voluntarily by the client and placed at disposal to the Company in the process
of registration and while keeping in contact with the Company, and for that reason we ask to pay special
attention for the validity, correctness of the provided information for which the client will be solely
responsible. Incorrect, inaccurate or inadequate information may hinder the client from using our services.
If the client hands over information of a third person, we assume that he/she has full authorization to do

Applicable law for personal data protection:

  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of
    natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (GDPR – General Data
    Protection Regulation)
  • Law of 2011 CXII about the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information
    (~Information law)

I. Name of data administrator, contact details:

Name: Black Star Speedway Kft.
Company Headquarters: 1112 Budapest, Kánai út 3. A-B. ép. fszt. 37
Reg.№: 01-09-343118
Tax ID: 26756282-2-43
Representative: Rákóczy-Kiss Richárd
e-mail: info@cemcup.hu
phone: 06 1 123 456
homepage: https://www.cemcup.hu

II. Name and contact details of data protection officer:


III. Legal grounds and duration of data administration

A) Goal

Data Handler uses personal data provided by the client for the purpose of delivering newsletters and
advertisement materials and furthermore to inform about upcoming events, races.
In administering personal information Data Handler is required to follow the principles laid down in
GDPR article 5, paragraph 1:

  • Lawful, decent conduct and transparency;
  • Purpose limitation;
  • Data economy;
  • Exactitude;
  • Limited conservation;
  • Integral and confident in nature;
  • Accountability.

B) Legal base

Article 6 of GDPR., paragraph 1, section ‘a’

C) Duration

For the extent of 2 year following the race. Personal data must be immediately deleted if and when
the purpose of keeping them no longer exists, or the legal base to administer them is no longer
standing, or the data was manipulated in an unlawful manner.

IV. The range of administered data

Type of data Reason of data inquiry
Name Necessary to identification
Date of birth Necessary to identification, also for the
race category classification
Place of residence Necessary for posting your time results
and event announcements
E-mail Necessary for posting your time results
and event announcements
Phone number If a racing-related issue arises that requires an
urgent notification of you then we will do this via phone.

V. Entitlement to access personal data

Access to the client’s data is granted to the personnel directly under the supervision of Data Handler
(CEO, employees etc.) but the data administered with confidentiality according to applicable legal

VI. Rights due to the owner of personal data

  • Right to access
  • Right for removal from database,
  • Right to limit access,
  • Right of data portability,
  • Right to complain.

VII. Legal remedy

If the client encounters any violation of his/her data protection rights committed by CENTRAL
EUROPEAN MINIBIKE CUP, he/she is entitled to demand legal remedies by the authorized court of
jurisdiction and the ‘Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság’ (National Authority of
Data Protection and Freedom of Information) in the following: NAIH

NAIH contact details:
Office headquarters: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C
Postal address: 1530 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C
Phone: +36 (1) 391-1400
Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410
E-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu
Homepage: https://www.naih.hu/

VIII. Miscellaneous provisions

The Company retains the right to amend this Data Protection Guidelines leaflet and will properly
notify all parties concerned about the modifications.