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Hi, we did our best to stuck to our booked date for this week’s race in SlovakiaRing, but unfortunately the official border crossing regulations have not been relaxed (regardless of the real situation). Therefore, we had to move our race on the track to the only free date that is still available which is October 2nd. Thus, although our competition calendar changes, but the number of rounds stays the same and we manage to maintain the international character of our series. Trainings performed at SlovakiaRing will not be wasted.

Thank you for your understanding, see you in Kecskemét!

CEM Racing is coming!

2021 Race for You The The official race calendar

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More information is coming soon…

Central Europian Minibike Cup

Present race series came into existence at parental initiative for the inclusion of supporters and MAMS (Magyar Motorsport Szövetség – Hungarian Motorsport Association). Our goal is to organize from the ground up recreational events providing opportunity for children aged 6 to 13 who wish to compete in motor racing. The categories are built on each other that means the children will have the chance to race for many years and the parents can plan ahead their advancement within. We are working in close relationship with ‘Supermoto’ and ‘Minimotard’ branches, so the children can challenge themselves in different styles. Our series is international and not just in name, since we intend to bring many races in neighboring countries. By establishing categories we have taken into account that the most talented will want to and can try themselves out in the international field. Each category defines uniform motorcycles, rigorous technical approval rules, identical tires. We want to discern the child’s strengths, not the motor’s hidden tuning potential.


It’s a great pleasure to stage our events with such devoted contributors of the motorcycling that are longstanding key actors in Hungarian motorsport, and from whom we had learned so much about race management. We sincerely hope that focusing on our joint ambition will help us to create and experience exciting, good-spirited races together.







Pre-registration Our aim is to get to know the exact expectations, not to dictate them. We intent to organize racing events where the little drivers are not standing in an empty grid, but they compete against each other in exciting duels which makes a minimum number of racers in the field indispensable. For this reason,…