This pre-registration form serves as a survey to assess your demands regarding the Central European Minibike Club started newly in 2020. By filling out and returning the form you contribute to our efforts to create a series that take place in a better, more friendly mood. The pre-registration won’t put any obligation on you, it’s just a notification to as about your intention to participate. All events announced in the series for this year will be held only with at least 6 pre-registered participants. With the registration it is possible to sign for your preferred start number that we record. The actual start number reservation will be final after paying the annual entry fee. We’ll keep your start number pre-reservation until 15. March 2020., and if that day the official registration does not arrive, the start numbers will be issued in the order of the registrations’ arrival. Start numbers can be selected from the range of 2 to 99 in all categories. If the annual entry fee does not get paid, all information regarding your application will be erased. Pre-registration entitles you to 20% discount on the entry fee of the CAMP that will take place at the beginning of the year. The ‘Black Star Speedway Kft’ declares that in conformity with Hungarian and European legal regulations all personal information of the applicants is treated with and will be kept from third parties with confidence. Applicant confirms with his/her signature that all information was made available voluntarily to Black Star Speedway Kft, and attest with full knowledge of legal responsibilities that they represent valid and actual facts.